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The ASIC Advantage

Although a newly launched company, ASIC benefits from the same experienced depth of management and strong record of success as other AM Holding Company subsidiaries such as AM RE Syndicate and AM Star Claims - and therefore operates to the same high standards.

At ASIC, our mission is to consistently add value to our partners, provide appropriate coverage and superior service, and utilize our vast experience and long-standing relationships in the reinsurance industry to fortify a mutually beneficial business model. ASIC's leadership prides itself on achieving exceptional results within it's chosen lines of business, and are driven by strong and effective:

  1. Technical underwriting experience;

  2. Executive claims management;

  3. Financial, investment and risk management;

  4. Information technology use/experience; and

  5. Marketing, sales and distribution experience.

ASIC is a privately owned company, and so benefits from the lack of outside investor expectations concerning return expectations versus market realities. There is no compulsory business or tax-driven strategy. Rather, management focuses directly on the best interests of the business without being swayed by investors or short-termism. As can be seen with the success of ASIC's sister-companies, our experienced management team has the capability to chart a straightforward path towards a supportive base of business from day one of the operation.

Management’s ability to effectively implement a clearly defined business plan, while remaining responsive to changing conditions, is an essential advantage. ASIC’s management is nimble and flexible, and works around changing conditions in the market using experience, expertise, and their current awareness (gained from being a primary player in the US market). In turn, ASIC is being developed to become a key player within the US market over the long-term.

ASIC advantages are derived from management’s strong record of success with previous businesses and chosen lines of business, which will result in positive results from the outset. Below, we provide an overview of some of these core competencies:

Technical Underwriting Experience

We combine seasoned specialty-line underwriters with proprietary data analytics to solve challenges with customized, comprehensive, and competitive solutions.

Real-Time Analytics

We have created exceptional proprietary software using our in-house database, which has been continuously developed and optimized over the last 20 years.

Claims Management

Our in-house claims management functions as a backstop and allows us to efficiently manage loss ratios as well as enhance ultimate combined ratios.

These competencies allow the company to build out operational capabilities at the optimal pace while implementing key underwriting controls, while our experienced leadership team and dedicated talent pool focus on progressing toward a shared mission.

At ASIC, we have significant experience starting, innovating, and scaling organizations in changing business conditions, and our long-term view of performance allows us to see the bigger picture and provide value for our partners.


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