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Elite Women in Insurance 2024 - Shevawn Barder

Shevawn Barder Women in Insurance

“As a Lloyd’s broker, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the London, European, and international insurance markets and the industry as a whole. From that experience, I launched a Reinsurance MGA in London with my husband. We ultimately relocated to North America to concentrate on the US insurance market,” she says.

The CEO of ASIC, which previously operated as AM RE Syndicate, has successfully led the Dallas-based firm through its first year of operations. She spearheaded the transition initiative, onboarding a diverse group of talent professionals across underwriting, legal, financial analytics, and software engineering.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of being able to back my own judgement and take a risk while at the same time maintaining a pragmatic approach,” says Barder. “I had the vision that aligned with my goals, but you also need a bit of luck and timing along the way.”

Using her sharp business acumen, Barder led ASIC to achieve an AM Best Financial Strength A-minus rating and over $100 million in GWP from the company's first year.

Shevawn Barder Insurance Quote

“I would say what most companies would achieve in two years, we've achieved in one year,” reflects the CEO.

“My strongest quality is my ability to make decisions and execute. I am a very decisive person and have been described as tenacious. My ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities, coupled with innovative problem-solving, defines my professional strength.”

As a woman leader in a traditionally male-dominated field, Barder notes that the industry often lacks female representation in leadership roles. Hoping to use her influence to inspire the next generation of female professionals, she is an active member of Dress for Success, a national charity focused on helping unemployed women achieve economic independence.

In collaboration with the charity, Barder has hosted clothing drives at her home and delivered informative talks about her career experience. In recognition of her efforts, she was presented with an honoree nomination from the charity in 2022.

“The opportunity to be identified as an Elite Woman gives me the ability to act as a role model and mentor to others. The recognition of women’s contributions is vital as it brings diverse perspectives into the insurance industry and alternative leadership styles to the forefront. I feel a responsibility to inspire other women, demonstrating that with hard work and resilience, they too can achieve great success,” she says.


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