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Automated Bordereau Processing Whitepaper

Our whitepaper, Elevating Insurance Workflows: Strategic Analytics through Automated Bordereau Processing, is free to download below. Just input your details and you will receive a download link from us with the PDF.


Elevating Insurance Workflows: Strategic Analytics through Automated Bordereau Processing

In the dynamic world of insurance, the meticulous processing of intricate documents, particularly bordereaux, presents a pivotal challenge. Explore an innovative solution that integrates advanced semantic understanding techniques to process bordereau data in multi-sheet Excel files proficiently, harnessing the prowess of cutting-edge natural language processing models. This revelation provides a dependable solution to the hurdles encountered by insurers and reinsurers and heralds a future where technology is seamlessly woven into the essence of insurance operations.

In this whitepaper, we will cover

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ASIC Expertise

AM Specialty Insurance Company (ASIC) is a dynamic excess and surplus lines carrier, known for innovative underwriting-first capacity solutions and a dual structure - operating both as a primary carrier and accredited reinsurer.


With a focus on underwriting excellence and strategic partnerships, we offer tailored capacity solutions, leveraging decades of industry expertise to navigate the complex landscape of specialty insurance.

Innovative Capacity Solutions

Dynamic Expertise

ASIC stands out in the (re)insurance landscape with our proven track record, technical underwriting expertise, analytical capabilities, and proprietary software, which enable a rapid response to market changes and robust risk management supports for clients. 

Our diverse portfolio spans commercial and niche property, short tail casualty, miscellaneous specialty lines, transportation, marine, and cyber, reflecting a strategic blend of traditional and innovative risk solutions. 

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